Each year, Moscow Exchange sets values for key performance indicators (KPIs), which are approved by the Supervisory Board. The KPIs for 2021 included:
  • developing new products and services.

As of year-end, all established KPIs have been achieved.

  • The Group’s clients were offered new products and services that ease access to financial markets, including in the retail segment. Trading hours on the FX, Derivative, and Equity Markets were extended; new OTC services were offered on the FX Market; new instruments were launched on the Equity and Derivatives Markets; and 27 new partner financial organizations were involved in a project to provide private financial services. The Group’s project to expand carbon accounting and trading infrastructure will broaden the range of offers available to market participants.

Specific, quantifiable goals are set for the members of the Executive Board, as well as for all other employees of Moscow Exchange. Achievement of these goals impacts the compensation received by employees and management.